Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update Tata Docomo -> Airtel

I was just revisiting this blog and found that there were a good number of page hits. 

Just to update you, I have again ported-in to Airtel in last March. 

Experience with Tata Docomo: 

1. Good billing/unbilled system
2. Bill contains much details which no other operators provide. 
3. No hidden charges
4. You can latch on to Aircel's network free of charge by doing manual setting. 
5. Online chat support
6. Twitter support
7. Cheapest postpaid plans

1. Network is very bad compared to Airtel/Idea/Vodafone/BSNL

As you can see, even with all the positive things, I chose to port out of Tata Docomo for their network. What's the use of all of this if you don't have network? I had to port out all my 3 docomo connections back to Airtel. 

Coming back to Airtel: 
1. Good coverage despite being on 1800 MHz (but Idea/Vodafone are definitely better in MH circle)
2. Twitter support (For this precise reason i have to choose between either Airtel and Tata Docomo)
3. Good postpaid plans (both corporate and non-corporate)

1. Charges too high for pay-as-you go 2G internet (same is the case with Idea/Vodafone)
2. Missed call alert is really buggy and incomplete 

To summarize, I am forced to stay with Airtel as i don't see any better option as per my requirements. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving out of airtel

I have been using Airtel postpaid connection for the last 5 years. 
I have decided to move out and port my number to Tata Docomo. (For the reasons i may or may not disclose. )

I decided to write this blog just to post my overall experience with the MNP (mobile number portability) experience because i have seen Airtel blocking/rejecting port-out requests for frivolous reasons. 
e.g. and Airtel preventing porting of postpaid customers and Airtel MNP Problems

I am going to request for port out tomorrow. 
In case airtel cooprates and allows me to port out seamlessly, i will be very happy and will write good things about them.

But if they dare play dirty games and reject my request for any stupid reason, then i warn them that i'll really go hammer and tongs against them and write everything here. 

Update 11-Aug-2011, 13:00 PM: Applied for tata docomo postpaid with the UPC code received from Airtel. 

Update 11-Aug-2011, 17:00 PM: Contacted airtel's appellate on 9987244865 to let them know in advance that i'd be porting out the number in any case; and asked them not to block it for any reason whatsoever. The lady on the phone promised me that she'd forward the request and release the number without any hiccup. (I have also recorded the conversation). So far things look good. 

Update 12-Aug-2011, 11:50 AM: Got a call from Airtel retention department. The person was trying hard to convince me but i said it's now too late and i had already processed everything. He then offered to waive the monthly rental for next 3 months but i didn't budge. I also warned him not to block my port out request by any means whatsoever and he assured me that i'd face no problems from airtel while porting out. 

Update 15-Aug-2011: Long weekend, so i doubt whether tata docomo has made any progress or not. Still no address verification. 

Update 16-Aug-2011: Finally.. address verification happened. 

Update 17-Aug-2011: Out of my 2 numbers, one has successfully been ported to Tata Docomo. But currently both it's also active on Airtel. TD says that my airtel sim will stop working at midnight on 18th. 
I am really surprised how quickly it all happened. 
At the same time, my second number's port-in is nowhere in sight. TD doesn't even recognize it. 

Update 18-Aug-2011: Contacted Tata Docomo chat. But looks like they just like chatting rather than solving any problems. No further update. 

Update 19-Aug-2011
No. 1 has already been ported, but both the old and new simcards active. No incoming calls on Tata Docomo. 
No. 2 is still to get ported. 

Update 22-Aug-2011
No. 1 ported long ago, but yet to activate. Airtel sim refuses to die, but i won't blame them because they have cleared the port out long ago. 
No. 2 has also been ported on 21st Aug as per Docomo. But again the same case: yet to activate. 
I have started to dislike Tata Docomo. 

Update 24-Aug-2011
No. 1 ported long ago, but sim got corrupted (funny!). Requested them to activate it on new sim. Let's see what happens. 
No. 2 On the way to porting-in. TD claims that they've already got NOC from Airtel. 
In all, a very bad experience. Very time consuming; especially with dump customer care people. 

More update today: No. 1 "completely" ported-in to Tata Docomo. Hurray!

Update 26-Aug-2011
No. 2: Received an automated call in the morning telling me that MNP has been accepted and the number will be active on Tata Docomo tonight anywhere between 10.30 pm and 12.30 am 

Update 27-Aug-2011 (midnight)
No. 2 also ported out but airtel sim died only after 12 more hours. 

Summary: Airtel cooperated really well by timely clearing port-out requests. 
I am still not 100% happy with Tata Docomo because of their weird policies. 
But still i'm happy as it has very good signal strength in the area where i stay.