Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update Tata Docomo -> Airtel

I was just revisiting this blog and found that there were a good number of page hits. 

Just to update you, I have again ported-in to Airtel in last March. 

Experience with Tata Docomo: 

1. Good billing/unbilled system
2. Bill contains much details which no other operators provide. 
3. No hidden charges
4. You can latch on to Aircel's network free of charge by doing manual setting. 
5. Online chat support
6. Twitter support
7. Cheapest postpaid plans

1. Network is very bad compared to Airtel/Idea/Vodafone/BSNL

As you can see, even with all the positive things, I chose to port out of Tata Docomo for their network. What's the use of all of this if you don't have network? I had to port out all my 3 docomo connections back to Airtel. 

Coming back to Airtel: 
1. Good coverage despite being on 1800 MHz (but Idea/Vodafone are definitely better in MH circle)
2. Twitter support (For this precise reason i have to choose between either Airtel and Tata Docomo)
3. Good postpaid plans (both corporate and non-corporate)

1. Charges too high for pay-as-you go 2G internet (same is the case with Idea/Vodafone)
2. Missed call alert is really buggy and incomplete 

To summarize, I am forced to stay with Airtel as i don't see any better option as per my requirements. 

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